Clerk ; Mark J Williams, 10 Lodge Road, Wrexham LL11 2DD

            Telephone: 07506 960130  Mon - Fri  0900 until 1700 (Emergencies anytime)


            E Mail:  markj.williams@hotmail.co.uk


From 18th May 2024, any Local Government Elector can ask to inspect the fiancial transactions of Llay Community Council, for a period of 20 working days between 1st and 20th July 2024. Full details can be found in the document listed under "Finance" in the headers at the top of this page.

Llay Community Council

Welcome to the Website of Llay Community Council, through our website we aim to keep the residents of Llay up to date with the latest community council news

The council is made up of elected members representing the two wards of Llay, these being the Bryn (Six members) and Park (Nine Members) Wards

The members of the Community Council are all public servants who stand for election because they care about the community.

Contact Llay Community Council

If you would like to contact the council about local issues or would like something added to the agenda of the next meeting, then please contact the Clerk.

For any matters relating to the Cemetery, please also contact the Clerk, who can assist with queries or research.

Clerk -     Mark J Williams, 10 Lodge Road, Wrexham LL11 2DD


Email -    Clerk@llaycommunitycouncil.co.uk

Tel      -   07506 960130 (Mobile)